About this course

Learning about energies in the NEM Institute involves three levels – each level includes special energy exercises and learning about human anatomy. The result of this course develops technique, efficiency, dynamism and the correct way of doing energy treatments.

First level
Mastering life energy and healing
Eleven classes during 8 weeks
Introduction to first level
The goal of this course is to turn you into a connoisseur of energy healing. Firstly, you must learn about the energy – what is it, what are its advantages and how can it be used. During your studies you will realize that it is going to be your choice as to how you use this energy and in what way, but the explanation of this matter will shape you. Energy is an integral part of every biological organism. You are now entering the world of esotery, where the likes of human energy are just small components. Everything exists because ezo energy exists! We start from the fundamentals – what is esotery?
Second level
Conscious supervision development and mind healing
Eight classes during 8 weeks
Introduction to second level
We start this level by learning to detect frequencies and signals from a certain distance. Everything in this world exists thanks to the conditions this planet dictates. Our planet provides everything: matter, energy, colors, forms, computers, Wi-Fi etc. – all of these things generate and are some kind of frequency. For example, a cellphone is an object that is a product of the human brain capable of reacting to signals; it generates and receives frequencies. For this cellphone it is irrelevant where the signal is coming from. It is the same with the TV antenna or radio. With these types of devices the signal is not transferred to the specific location and specific device.
Third level
Energy healing expertise - Distance healing
Eight classes during 8 weeks
Introduction to third level
In this level you will continue ensuing different processes, understanding how they happen. Here, you train and form your personality. The knowledge you gain is widely applicable, and is not just for healing. During this level, we will use and develop our intuition and consciousness more deeply. It is very important for you to be consciously tuned to all processes you are dealing with and to consciously participate in them. The more your consciousness is present in processes, the more professional and precise will your work be. The consciousness is the one that should recognize what needs to be done and to ensure modifications.