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Institute for Natural Energy Modifications (NEM Institute)
The Institute was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1990 by worldly famous esotericist, para-scientist and metaphysicist Ruben Papian. Best known for his unique way of healing, as a creator of schools for development, creator of a method for energy therapy healing, he is also as a designer of energy structures.
In order to make his project ideas happen and to transfer his knowledge to the ones willing to learn, Ruben created an Institute where under the single roof people work on realization, examination and launching eso-projects. Gathering a group of experts from various fields of science, Institute is a place where projects of future are developed, energy structures are built and the richness of knowledge of the founder is acquired. Shortly put, all of the knowledge and skills Ruben Papian boundlessly and remarkably acquires each day, here are being realized and modified for life in modern society.

The goal of the Institute is operability, optimization, the constant adjusting to changes and modern age, dynamic of growth and development. Some of the activities of the Institute are: energy therapy course, lectures by Ruben Papian on popular and hot topics, planning and execution of eso-structures such as the Pyramid and Black Cube, "Sfera" method etc.

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