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Human energy
It is most important that you learn and know that you are the key to the activation of processes in another human being. In this energy healing course, important steps are being made every day – here you will supplement your outer life with your inner life. You will learn how to work with energies, to understand people, to help and to heal.
People who’ve finished this course described how all of this new knowledge influenced their lives: - I got rid of many misconceptions and learned how to heal and mend using energy therapy. My consciousness is now constantly changing and adapting, I am more efficient in life, in general. My communication skills improved, I gained numerous skills.
Every human can consciously use his or her energy if they learn the right method to do so. Learning about energies in the NEM Institute involves four levels – each level includes special energy exercises and learning about human anatomy. The result of this course develops technique, efficiency, dynamism and the correct way of doing energy treatments.
After you reach a certain skill level and acquire specific knowledge and practice, you will be awarded the official NEM Institute certificate. It shows how far you have come and what you’ve achieved. It shows your dedication, your skill, your ability and your understanding of energy. The certificate also shows that you have the entire Institute behind you.

Human energy

Let’s see what this world is made of: how was it built, what is energy, what is human energy? Firstly, we should make sure all of this exists.

For example, if we were shrunk to a billionth of our size, what would a plastic table look like? What would we see? We would see some particles. And a particle is an object, pretty big for us in this case, because we are a billion times smaller. Right now we are talking about an atom - we see a nucleus and an electron that revolves around it. The electron revolves around the nucleus with enormous speed, just like planets revolve around the Sun.

If we compare this to the solar system, from the aspect of charge, the Sun has a positive charge and planets have a negative charge. What is created as the result of this incredibly fast movement? Energy tension is created. And this tension, this tense state of so-called empty space is - energy.

So, in the case of the previously mentioned plastic table, there are trillions of these tense spaces on a very small surface. Thanks to those energy potentials that are created, on a microscopic level, this matter is sustaining itself - it preserves itself. What would happen if the movement of an electron around the nucleus were to slow down, here on the microscopic level? We would no longer see this object as plastic, but as, for example, glass. And the difference between these two is "just" in the state of energy potential. Now when we go back to our original size, we can see that energy could be seen as plastic, glass, metal, etc.

We have come to the conclusion that matter is in fact energy potential. Different forms of matter have different energy potentials. Which means that besides energy nothing else exists. Energy is the one forming matter. But why do we call it matter and not energy? Well, because it is so small, and we are so big. If we were to shrink 100 billion times, we wouldn’t see an atom as an atom. We would see it as a huge space - a universe.

Following the previous logic, if we were once again shrunken so much that we could observe human beings on cellular level, we would see that the process is the same - cells are energy producers, every movement they make is energy. And how much energy is produced within a microsecond by that universe called a human being, which consists of 70 trillion cells? An enormous amount of energy. Humans are energy producers just like the matter we mentioned earlier. To add one more thing to this, the energy potentials in plastic are much slower than those found in human beings where thousands, millions of cells die and are being born every second. The human being is an incredible world, which produces energy, biological energy. In reality, nothing exists besides energy. All matter is the consequence of that energy.

Let’s see, what happens when you put your palm on a plastic object? An enormous amount of energy you produce comes in contact with that plastic, which again is an enormous energy potential. Try and fantasize about what happens there. You will come to the answer that the communication between two different energy potentials is what we call - to feel. And to feel is nothing else but the ascertainment of the quality of another matter. It’s the same when you want to feel another person. On the energy healing course people learn how to feel without physical contact; that there is no difference in the way vibration of any matter enters you. If everything that exists has certain energy, then what is the meaning of working with it, if everyone has it?

This is a very important thing for beginners. Mostly, when we mention energy healing treatments, we focus on giving something that’s not there or is missing. Let’s compare a process of healing treatments with, for example, cooking a dish. We have a chef that is preparing a meal, he has different ingredients, and in the end he gets a very nice dish out of them. This chef is combining ingredients, and for this he needs the knowledge, the recipe, technology and protocols to do so. That’s how he gets the dish. Could we say that he gave something to that dish? Essentially, no, there is no "giving" there.

You should know that the process of so-called treatment, or healing, works the same way. Energy healing treatment - it is the preparation and cooking of a specific dish where the quality of that dish depends on how well you know the "ingredients" and what "recipe" you used to make it. In reality, you are not giving anything, you are managing, directing - and that is pure art! The secret is inside you - knowing the recipe of "a dish" for one specific person. We put an accent on the word knowledge. You need to learn how to rely on your knowledge - how to cook a certain dish for a certain person (in this case you don’t need faith; faith is not enough if you want to become a quality chef, you will need knowledge and a recipe).

So far we understand what human (biological) energy is and that nothing else besides it exists, but how do we perceive this world, how do we register it? For that we have eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin (touch). Humans are a system that functions in its world with the help of five senses. The reason these senses exist is simple - they are meant to protect the system from any possible destruction. As in every state, everywhere in the world, the system always protects itself. For that it has a service. Firstly, there are eyes. They are the biggest doors into the world. Our eyes, actually cells in our eyes, have incredible possibilities. They communicate with energies that are very subtle and small in dimensions. That’s how our eyes see a star. Eyes can register possible dangers so they can properly position and protect the system from destruction. It is like a first barrier. What is the next barrier? Hearing - with this sense we can register possible danger at a much smaller distance. The next barrier is smell, next comes touch, and then taste. This means that, for signals to come to us they have to pass five barriers.

Now, when you work with people, the principles are the same. A person looks at you, watches your behavior, listens to what you are saying, how you talk. The quality of your communication means going through barriers. A person can even smell you. When it comes to touch, because during a treatment sometimes hands are used, the nature of your touch has to be such that it goes through his or her barriers; such that a person sitting across from you doesn’t have any barriers in his or her head. It is very important to understand - your quality, as "a chef", doesn’t in any way depend on that person, it depends on you. And this will be the hardest part in the phase of studying and working - communication. You will go through barriers, no problem. But when you do, you will have a person in front of you, which you will have to work with. And what will you do with this person? Well, that’s what we call the mastery.

It is most important that you learn and know that you are the key to the activation of processes in another human being. Here, in the energy healing course, important steps are being made every day - here you will start to change your life, to supplement your outer life with your inner life. You will learn how to work with energies, to manage them, to understand yourself and others around you, to help and to heal.


While you need to learn how to use your energy, it is not a question of if you have it in you – you do! It is not a talent or privilege of the few. Your education, profession, known languages, musical tastes, political background, religion etc. are all irrelevant. Everyone can use it; everyone can enjoy its benefits. The element of individuality is what brings quality into the sphere of energy healing – new approaches, new and interesting ideas. After all, it is not energy therapy itself that glorifies and beautifies treatments; it is you and your usage of it. You can read about how to do energy treatments in the section called Education.

The same goes to the question of why – why study this untapped source of wonder found in all human beings? Everyone has their own, unique reasons, for example:

  • I admired other students of energy therapy courses after witnessing what they can do. I had a great desire to have such abilities.

  • My idea was that I would be a better mom if I knew how to heal and protect my kids without radical steps or usage of medicine.

  • I was interested in gaining practical knowledge about different kinds of energies and healing methods.

  • One of the main reasons was learning how to heal people by means of energy therapy.

  • I wanted to widen the range of my abilities. I was always interested in the idea.

  • I wanted to learn how to help my mother.

  • One of my friends went to the course and his stories peaked my interest.

  • As a former client of Mr. Ruben I wanted to learn these skills. They seemed more than just useful.

  • I had always had interest in energy healing and this course was my chance to actually go and experience it from the first hand.

  • My sister treated my illness and after getting a lot better I decided to learn how to do it myself.

  • I attended Mr. Ruben’s lectures and decided to learn his energy healing method as well.

Changes that people feel during the course

As stated before, the reason you would learn about energy therapy is your own – it represents your interest, your curiosity, your desire. But, with all this comes certain expectations. What do you hope to gain, what do you hope to accomplish with this amazing knowledge? Don’t be afraid to change things within you; don’t be afraid to open the doors to something new and grand. After all, these courses will change you in the most wonderous of ways. People who’ve finished this course described how all of this new knowledge influenced their lives:

  • First thing that happened is that I noticed my own negative quirks. I learned to see reasons why my thoughts form the way they do, to carefuly plan my actions and to have my emotions work for me. Simply put, I can now do things I could never do on my own. I developed new skills and abilities.

  • I got rid of many misconceptions and learned how to heal and mend using energy therapy. My consciousness is now constantly changing and adapting, I am more efficient in life, in general. Sometimes I get very excited about the results of my work but I’ve also learned how not to depend on such results. I learned that working with energies involves knowledge, imagination, intuition and communication. I sharpened all my senses.

  • Before attending the courses my knowledge about energy therapies was zero. I felt things, but I never understood how they functioned, how these connections in nature operate. After the courses I learned methods of using energy in treating humans and animals alike. I am now very much aware that human body and mind are perfect mechanisms. My senses, intuition and mind sharpened, gained precision and I am using all this in my daily life.

  • I was taught "an energy language" that helped me see myself and the entire world differently. This new perception is unique, natural and broad at the same time. I was introduced to interesting instruments I had in me all these years, yet never used them. My communication skills improved, I gained numerous skills and abilities. My way of thinking changed completely. This course allowed me to enrich my personality and get a deeper understanding of people, of human beings. I can feel bonds and connections, especially a large one connecting all things around me to one huge system called The World.

  • It was the most collosal and unique personal experiment of mine. Courses changed my assumptions about energies, people, spirituality, healing, life, everything! Incredible abilities emerged from deep within me. I began to see people for what they truly are, their essence, problems, possibilities and limitations. It was a wonderous experience every step of the way. It changed many of my usual reactions. I began to see very clear differences between things that are truly important and things that aren’t at all. My personal characteristics changed, clarity of perception appeared, greater tolerance.

Healing testimonials

My neighbor’s mother had demencia that grew into Alzheimers. She was getting desperate, more so because she could see the progressive deterioration. It was escalating quickly and I offered myself to help. I must say it was rather tough, at least for me, and it required a lot of work. Since we were neighbors I visited her daily and did one treatment a day. One thing became evident even after the first week – the deterioration stopped. I took that as a very good sign and pressed on. It seemed like every week one more symptom was removed, one more function was restored. Her awareness restored, her emotions were mixed as opposed to extreme apathy, her biological functions improved, she looked better and was moving without mental obstacles. It wasn’t until a month later that, as horrible as it may sound, I treated an old woman and not a broken mind. I pressed on even further. Several weeks later her memories were flowing back. She hugged me. I will never forget any of this.

  • They brought in an adopted cat who was limping on one leg. During examination I noticed her leg and hips were damaged, probably during the time she was living on the streets. Luckily it didn’t take a lot of time and energy to help the kitty out. She is just fine now and, of course, very cute.

  • An acquaintance suffered a stroke and was afraid it might happen again. I concentrated on cleaning all the blood streams first. I followed his entire blood stream and veins to make sure everything is ok. Then I worked on his cells, namely regeneration since a lot of cells died forcefully and the stroke ensued. Then I worked on his cholesterol and cleaning his organism of remaining residue, such as smoking. Everything I set out to do I managed to pull off. No more strokes and he is feeling much better in general.

  • A friend of mine is a heavy smoker who is, apart from smoking, very irresponsible with his health. After catching cold he refused to treat it correctly so a week later he developed truly awful bronchitis. It took three treatments to reverse it and get him back to normal. While that is a great success in itself, I consider a greater success the fact that he asked me to help him quit smoking. I assume it is because he saw that energy healing is painless and almost effortless as far as patients go.

  • My father had problems with vertigo and dizziness. Doctors just told him it was nothing serious and probably a result of a pressure change. Since this continued I was very suspicious of their diagnosis so I examined my father. As it turns out it was a problem in his right ear and even after one treatment he felt immediately better. I did a few additional treatments just to be safe, and vertigo and dizziness were gone for good.

  • I was doing treatments to an older male friend who had prostate issues. These issues seem to have started after the surgery he had but thankfully it wasn’t anything serious. Full recovery was made possible after three treatments.

  • When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I was scared and very afraid to perform treatments on her but I had to do it. I collected myself and gathered all the results and documents regarding her condition. I diagnosed her, looked at her in depth and confirmed the medical findings which was very good. Cancer was in the early stages but the word itself took a toll on my mother and me. Even so, like two soldiers, we charged in. Treatments lasted for a couple of months. It became a routine for us, one that was both horrifying and hopeful at the same time. After months of hoping and sweating, we sent her for another diagnose to see our progress through the eyes of official medicine. It worked amazingly well! The cancer cells withdrew, the markers were completely gone! I heard others treating cancer before but I was unsure if I could do it. I guess I can. I am so happy for my mother.

  • I treated a female friend of mine with very bad asthma. She had asthma attacks and occasionally she would choke or have a hard time breathing. Inhalers and prescribed medicine helped, but for a young person to go through all that, it was depressing and defeating. I treated her for a month. She felt fantastic, not once did she have a hard time breathing. After this, she went for a check up. The doctors were skeptical and insisted she still carries the inhaler with her at all times. She does, but she hasn’t used it since.

  • I have some very interesting treatments for the heart. You have to be very careful with the heart, or better yet not mess with it at all but I had to help my mother. She had arrhythmias and heart rate fluctuations her whole life. It gets especially bad when the weather is unstable, you can just tell that she is suffering. So I went around it. I diagnosed and detected problems all around the heart. I cleaned all the arteries, I balanced the organism, calmed her mind, checked everything. After a week of rainy weather she felt calm and fine. Even so I continued with the treatments for another week. She never felt and looked better! She was energetic, she wasn’t tired all the time and her heart didn’t jump like crazy at the sign of bad weather. I am very pleased I helped her. My mom means a lot to me.

  • I treated an older gentleman who had Crohn’s disease. His symptoms included fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. We started with his immune system and bacteria in his bowels. I was very careful not to be aggressive and cause side-effects. Inflammation and fever were the first to withdraw. As the system got better and better balance and as the immune system rose to full potential, all of the symptoms were successfully treated. After the treatments a certain grace period was required for full recovery but everything was back to normal in a matter of weeks.

  • I apply energy treatments to young athletes that come to train in my gym. While massages are great and can relax both body and mind, energy healing allowed me to reach further and truly help them. After all, gaining muscles properly is a chaotic process in the body and needs all the help it can get. Of course, a lot of people are skeptical at first, but after I demonstrate what can be done with correct treatments they start chasing me after every training.

  • My grandmother had arthritis which eventually grew into kyphosis, she even had a Milwaukee brace prescribed to her in hopes of improving her spine and posture. I treated her intensively for about a month and a half. I started with varicose veins and muscles and then worked on her bones and joints. During this period we also worked on her posture, from sitting to walking. It was an incredible sight to see her sitting upright with straight back without the brace. Her walking improved, she isn’t hunched over any more. A proper grandma.

  • My brother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a while back. We were fighting with symptoms even longer. The reason I started learning energy healing was to help him. I treated his nerve endings first, moved on to motor functions and tackled the sensory systems. Improvements were evident and visible. He got better! But that is not the most amazing thing that happened. After seeing everything I did for him, my brother also went on to learn energy therapy. Now he is healing himself and his problems are found just in our memories.

  • I was doing treatments to an economics student who had a plethora of disorders and issues of psychogenic background. I calmed him down, balanced him emotionally and slowly worked on specific kinks. The treatments were successful. He had no tremors, panic attacks or slight seizures any more. I suggested SFERA to him and I am happy he listened to me because I think it will further help him in improving himself.

  • A female colleague of mine had issues with sciatica during pregnancy. While I never treated that particular problem before, I did treat back problems, damaged nerves and spinal pain. It took two treatments for her to get noticeably better while after four treatments she felt completely recovered. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl one month later.

  • An older gentleman came to me in desperation. He knew I finished the energy therapy courses. He had a perforation of the aorta. Cardiovascular surgeons refused to operate on him because of a problem with his lungs. X-Rays showed that he had a tumor in his left lung. He was coughing blood and was losing weight, especially after being prescribed chemo-terapy. I had to do special treatments to both his aorta and the tumor, separately. After the second treatment for the aorta, he stopped coughing blood and the pain in his lungs greatly lessened. After the lung treatments were finished he felt a lot better so he went for another exam. The doctors concluded that apparently his previous diagnosis and x-ray must have been wrong. They themselves couldn’t belive this was possible. The man started eating well again, he was able to walk normally, his voice returned. We could say that now, months after treatments, he is one healthy and satisfied person.

  • I treated an older woman, 76 years old, after her knee operation. She was in a lot of pain and painkillers didn’t help. Since the pain was very sharp she had trouble sleeping and was exhausted. I did a series of treatments and even I was surprised by the speed of her rehabilitation. It was vert impressive for a 76 year old woman. She could walk around with the help of crutches and very soon discarded them for a cane. Soon after she discarded the cane as well.

  • I had great success in calming people and bringing their systems in balance.

  • The last thing I worked on was chronic arthritis. We managed to produce a very positive effect. I influenced the system in such a way that the doctors reduced the pill prescription of the client by more then a half.

  • I was very successful in removing kidney stones from my friend.

  • A female co-worker asked me to help her deal with very visible capillaries on her legs. Crisis averted!

  • I am working in a spa where most of the people are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. I have a lot of interesting clients. Recently, I was working with an older woman suffering from depression, bad eye-sight and pain in her left leg. She didn’t want to accept her illnesses and symptoms so it took a while, but I can say that we have had very positive results. Her eye-sight improved, her left leg is functioning normally and she has a more positive outlook on life.

  • Lately I have been working on varicose veins. They withdrew very fast. They were very visible on the legs and under the knees. Some had strong allergic reactions while some were merely expanded. It is very individual, I guess.

  • My dog had skin problems and his hair was falling out. I treated him for a week and saw an incredible recovery.

  • I am now actively treating my children for any and all illnesses and injuries. It helps every time!

  • My first client suffered from deep depression on top of physical injuries. My treatments took a while to function but six months later the physical injuries were gone and my client had a noticeably better outlook on the world. I was glad that others could confirm the change without knowing what I actually did.

  • I am constantly checking/diagnosing and healing my own children and family members. Treatments range from healing pain during a toothache, headache or minor wounds, to calming them down during stressful situations or before going to bed.

  • I helped my cousin with her inability to conceive a child and overcome depression. I thoroughly researched all of her medical findings and devised special treatments. By the end of our sessions she had better overall health, stable emotional state and managed to get pregnant a few months later.

  • What I practiced the most was developing my ability to look at people from the psychological, emotional, social and health point of view. It is incredible! I am not pretending to have some sort of gift or that I am a fortune teller, but I am honestly saying that this is an incredible ability we all have, and it is realy helpful in solving problems faster.

  • My four-year-old son had an eye infection. His eye was red and inflamed. I applied energy treatments for a few days, every night before we put him to bed. His infection slowly went away and eventually completely withdrew.

  • I was working in my office when my colleague came to work and could barely stand. He was bent over with his hands on his chest. He looked very pale and sickly. I instructed him to sit down, breathe and let me do a treatment. I discovered he had a neuralgia attack and this affected his muscles and internal organs. I applied the treatment and told him to relax for and additional ten minutes. After that I sent him home. Tomorrow morning he came to work with a big smile on his face. He said he went home the other day and immediately went to bed. When he woke up it was as if he was never ill to begin with.

  • My sister lives in the Ukraine and became pregnant at the age of 40. Taking into account her age, closeness to Chernobil and several other issues, she was worried that she would loose the baby. I worked with her almost every day for the duration of the pregnancy. I boosted her immune system, worked on her hormones and general health. The pregnancy passed without any medical involvement necessary. I am now the happy uncle of a healthy young lady.

  • My friends and I were on a holiday in Dubai. It was a season with scorching sun and one of our female friends got serious sunburn on her arms. The skin on her arms became red with blisters all over them which itched and produced pain. I offered my assistance but she refused saying that she doesn’t believe in this "nonsense". So I made a deal with her: I will treat one arm of hers and tomorrow we can see if I managed to change something. She agreed and I treated her right arm. The next morning she was very pleased with my treatment. The skin on her right arm had less blisters, wasn’t as red as her left arm, and the pain was greatly lessened in effect. Several months later she started going to energy therapy courses as well.

  • My sister couldn’t get pregnant for two years. After the courses I did a lot of treatments to her to help her conceive. She became pregnant and she gave birth to a perfect little man.

  • During diagnostics of an older woman, a friend of my mom, I saw that every single part of her body was in pain. She had especially strong headaches and heightened pressure. She was constantly cold even when it was extremely hot outside. After the treatments the pain in her head lessened and evenetually was completely gone. Through my diagnosis I saw that she either lived or worked in very cold conditions, perhaps even in contact with water. Later on, she confirmed that she worked in refrigeration storage. After my treatments her body temperature increased. She felt warm for the first time in many, many years.

  • My colleague’s daughter had periods of intense hysteria and she was very hard to calm down. After treatments, this hysteria greatly lessened.

  • My friend’s son was an alcoholic. H lost a lot of things because of it, even a job he loved. It took a while but I cured his addiction with treatments. He is back to his old self now; alcohol is no longer an addiction. He found another job and he is happy.

  • A woman of 35 was suffering from depression and obsessive thinking. I changed her emotional state, balanced her mind and calmed her down. Never again did she have a problem with depression or out of control behavior.

  • Usually I work on headaches, panic attacks, and depression. For the most part, satisfactory results are reached before the third treatment. Amazing!

  • I remember when my baby had her first vaccine. I came home and she was very restless and crying. I then remembered I was and "energy mom", so I did a treatment and calmed her down. It worked like a charm. I am sure I saved my child a lot of pain.

  • A month ago I was helping an older woman who had swollen fingers on her hands. She is already dealing with osteoporosis so this was something extra that made her life even more difficult. I did treatments for seven days until the fingers got back to normal. I checked up on her last week, everything is still in perfect order.

  • A female friend of mine had problems in her breasts. She had ultra sound and the doctors suggested surgery. I told her to wait and let me have a go at it since she can’t loose anything. After several treatments she went for another ultra sound and she was completely clean. Even I was amazed at the result.

  • I am successfully doing distant diagnostics. I had a case where one woman was far more seriously ill then her doctors led her to believe so I sent her to do additional examinations in a private practice. As it turned out I was right and she was able take the necessary steps for healing. I felt pleased I was able to help this woman get better.

  • A friend’s chinchilla had a very strong toothache after her teeth were cut so I soothed the pain and calmed the animal. It was done in minutes!

  • I helped a friend from Uruguay. I felt the problem in his intestines. I did a treatment and he called me after a while later to confirm he got better.

  • I had the most success in treating chronic respiratory problems and allergies. Most of my clients are very satisfied.

  • I have mostly worked on my family members. Small injuries and immunity boosts. It works great.

  • A colleague of mine from the floor above me had a headache so I helped her out. She came down to thank me. Even so, people prefer when I am physically next to them.

  • A 30 year old man complained about painful sinuses, headaches and very large secretions from his nose. He changed up to two towels a the night that would become soaked in secretions. For two years, he searched for a solution, finally giving up on medicine. We started working straight away. The treatments took a week, after which, the secretions greatly lessened. His pain was also greatly reduced and he was amazed by the results. Of course, the idea is to completely remove the problem so I told him to call me in a month for a check up. He did and he was happy to report that the secretions are almost completely gone, the pain was gone and he was very thankful for everything.

  • A young mother called me from the hospital with fear in her voice – her child had an extremely high temperature and the doctors couldn’t help her. She was stuck in the hospital for weeks. I treated her for seven days. In the beginning, the child’s temperature dropped from 42 to 40 degrees Celsius. Then it dropped to 39, and for the first time in 18 days, to 37. In the next few days it varied between 40 and 37 which was good since it showed progress. In the last few days of the treatment the child was completely stabilized and released from the hospital in good health. The mother was overjoyed.

  • I was asked to help a woman who was a friend. She was suffering from very heavy depression. In her words, the doctors and psychiatrists couldn’t help her so she gave up on hope and life, deciding she will wait for her death instead. Before treatments I had long discussions with her, suggesting that she was not a lost cause. This began to encourage her and she asked "Do you really think there is hope for me?" I answered, "I don’t think, I know there is". We had seven treatments in total and a check up one month after the final treatment. She experienced full recovery and looks at her depression as just a black stain in her life that should be ignored.

  • I treated a tumor that grew on friend’s pet parrot. A few months after my treatments the ultra sound showed that there was not even a trace of tumor. This was my greatest succes and I am very pleased!

  • Weight loss treatments are popular these days. It is comprised of several smaller, focused treatments but the results are great. It looks like you are "deflating" a person.

  • A friend had issues with a bloated liver and very acidic stomach. The first major improvement came after a week of treatment and complete recovery after a month.

  • I treated skin ulcers. At first I managed to stop the spread and after a while reduced them to a very small area located on the right arm. They were completely removed afterwards.

  • It sounds a bit funny but an older colleague of mine had innate fear of buses and public transportation. I treated her every day after work and a week and a half later she boarded a bus for the first time in decades. Everything is fine now.

  • I treated a gentleman with a severe hematoma. I had to "attack" it from several different positions and approaches but both he and I were satisfied with the results.

  • A young man had 2nd degree skin burns. I worked on a regeneration boost and pain soothing. He felt better after two days with visible signs of regeneration. He said that to him what was important was the fact that he was able to use his hands normally. I kept on with treatments for seven days until I saw the wounds closing and fully regenerating.

  • I worked on calming my female friend and removing her bad habit of biting her nails – fake nails no less. Since she was very determined to get better, her mind didn’t pose any obstacles and we removed her bad habit in a week and a half. I made sure she didn’t manifest her nervousness by engaging in other bad habits later on.

  • A very dear friend of mine had occasional schizophrenic episodes. Seven treatments later and not a single episode to this day. It is a wonderful feeling being able to help a friend!

  • My daughter had very painful menstruations. Pills and some homemade remedies were of no help. I had practiced bioenergy long and hard, enough to feel safe to give my daughter energy treatments. Treatment happened over the coarse of two cycles and I am happy to report stomachaches, tiredness, bad attitude and emotional chaos are a thing of the past.

  • A colleague of mine was a heavy smoker. While I offered to help him before, only after he himself felt that his health was in shambles did he approach me for help. I devised a treatment program and we worked on his bad habit every day. Our success – he hasn’t lit a cigarette for a year now. No relapses; he didn’t gain weight or have any emotional issues.

  • A cat of mine was acting out, as cats tend to act around the mating season. She looked miserable and was in pain so I decided to help her. I started by calming her down and then worked on her hormones. After two treatments she felt relieved. The best thing about animals is that they can feel what you do for them.

  • My friend’s baby had strong cramps in her stomach. It is normal for babies to have cramps, true, but it still poses a great distress to them so I decided to help. After one short treatment the cramps were greatly lessened and the baby was calmer.

  • Thyroid gland problems are something that is brought up very often. With knowledge I gained on this course, I managed to heal and mend my problem. Now I have become an expert on the thyroid gland and I have many successful treatments behind me.

  • I worked on my husband’s cholesterol along with his triglycerides since they were through the roof. Luckily the treatments proved to be very successful. After a week of intensive sessions, his levels went from LDL to HDL.

  • My son had a problem with diabetes, taking insulin shots in public and everything. I treated him slowly, day by day, lowering the necessity for insulin and balancing his organism through and through. I am glad I managed to help him while he is overjoyed that he doesn’t have to use the shots any more.


Every human being is a unique creature, a world of its own. Nature gave us this miracle - our body, with all its instruments. Here you will learn how to use these unique instruments: senses, energy, fantasy. Our eyes receive over three billion varieties of colors. No camera is able to record that. And that’s only one of our instruments of perception.

For you to become a good specialist, for starters, you need to understand that everything that exists has a meaning and that meaning is deep and complex. Although you may not understand something right away or you don’t see something straight away, that doesn’t mean that something is meaningless. Yes it is challenging, it is difficult, but the meaning exists. It is what your development will reflect – the possibility of an overview and acceptance of everything that has been given and everything that exists. In the process of learning, you will develop the ability to look at your own richness, where every emotion, movement, sound etc. has its own role and significance. The entire secret lies in knowing and accepting your own world, your own body. With this course you will become an Ezo healer – a person that deeply understands its qualities, energies, is not influenced by environment and always has the maximum results in minimum time.

As already explained in the human energy section, energy is everywhere and energy is everything. Life in our body occurs because of the richness of energy and the strength of its potential. Energy produces energy. That’s how a continuous circular flow of biological energy takes place. Every human can consciously use his or her energy if they learn the right method to do so. We all have the key to our own health and the health of others. Learning about energies in the NEM Institute involves three levels - each level includes special energy exercises and learning about human anatomy. The result of this course develops technique, efficiency, dynamism and the correct way of doing energy treatments.

First level – knowing and understanding energy inside and around us.

During this level you will get to know yourself; the miracles that form inside you. With the exercises of this level, you will master techniques of energy breathing and the precision of the sound frequency of energy. Also, you will learn visualization and the meaning of colors in therapy – how to visualize any color, how that color influences human biology, how to form the color-flow, to keep it constant and to direct that color as an energy frequency. During and after the first level, you will be ready to preform treatments in person. Which means you will be able to heal after only a couple of days.

You will also learn to feel. You haven’t been trained to feel such a wide spectrum and delicacy of details, because there was no need. Mastery doesn’t lie in strength, but technique in subtle energies. Speaking about subtle energies, with the exercises you come to a point where you don’t influence yourself – you will control the processes and give only the necessary frequency, which will jump-start everything to work. Now, that’s mastery! The point of an energy treatment is – for you to do it efficiently, as quickly as possible and with the subtlest of energies.

This level is complemented with the list of lessons in anatomy you should get to know. Knowing anatomy contributes to the quality of diagnosis and treatments.

On this level you will learn:

  1. The breathing technique
  2. Feeling the body, observing auras and keeping parallel attention
  3. Using colors in treatments and their meaning
  4. Diagnosis (for one-self and others)
  5. Treatments in-person
  6. Treating illnesses of the first degree

Second level – using space energies and distance treatments

The main topic of this level is perception. Your perception is what forms you – your experience of something, your attitude and emotions. This means that all of your limitations, how you experience something, are inside your perception. For example, a telephone is not good looking or bad looking because of how it actually is, but rather because we are experiencing it the way we do. If we manage to change our experience, construct one that is not a victim of our emotions, then we can do anything – it’s like during sleep when perception is working on a very low level and thus all kinds of miracles can happen. We will now, on this level, take a step into that world of miracles. Those miracles happen when humans don’t mix signals with their perception. Instead, they allow for signals to come "clean". By doing this, we will have different experiences of space – we will learn how to communicate with the space. Following this, perception will do exactly what we want it to do, not what we are used to it doing.

During this level we develop our consciousness and fantasy further. Nature provided us with the ability to create anything in our heads, anything we want or need. If we think of something, construct something in our mind, it is all reality for our head. For our head there is no “non-reality”. This inside process in the head provides the ability for us to create something that will virtually exist, because the head is a closed system. And this is the reality for it. This closed system is an advantage for us.

Anything you imagine represents a certain reproduction. That is how the head reproduces everything into reality. Materialization occurs – microscopically, but it occurs. Now something should be done with what was imagined – firstly we should adjust, position properly, imagine, hold on to that micro-matter and do with it exactly what needs to be done. We can say that now we have a copy of something we took and placed in our head (imagined). If we are able to make such a copy, and we need very precise data for that, then the original will follow all movements of this copy. The copy and the original are always connected. For example, you imagined the stomach of your friend who needs a treatment. While you work, everything seems to have a proper flow; this person momentarily feels the effects. As soon as you finish, this copy you were working on starts to come back into the original. And that’s where the secret lies – how to do everything so that after you finish the original keeps on behaving as the copy tells it to. As much as this is a fantasy, it is not unreal, and that’s why we need additional skills and instruments. You will learn to form your power of fantasy and it will be of such quality that you will be able to use these forces to visualize the internal organs. This is a technical part of this course – how to do a treatment so that when you finish and step back, you leave a copy that the original will follow.

It is very important for consciousness to participate in this process. And this is extremely important! The more consciousness is present, the more professional, precise and correct you will be in your work. Every day of this course your conscious processes develop more and more. They are very important for your magic results. We will now train our consciousness to give commands based on assignments. Consciousness is what analyzes all possibilities. The untrained consciousness uses very simple protocols. During and after this course, it will form in such a way that it uses more possibilities then prior to this training. It will always choose the shortest, most precise and best possible way to reach a result. What cannot be left out merges with consciousness, and that’s fantasy, because consciousness is based exclusively on fantasy!

On this level you will learn:

  1. The fantasy technique
  2. Conscious commands
  3. “Modeling” of signals
  4. Fine-tuning the instruments of perception
  5. Working with objects (registration and feeling)
  6. Treating illnesses of the second degree

Third level – increasing the efficiency of treatments and time of recovery acceleration.

During this level, you will learn distance treatments. This means you will be able to make a diagnosis and heal someone who is in a different room, city, state or even on a different continent. There exists a wrong assumption that distance weakens frequencies and energies – it is quite the opposite – distance increases a frequencies’ strength. Hereby, we will look at the example of Nikola Tesla, who proved that by increasing the distance between the receiver and transmitter, the signal increases if the frequency is precise. He said that the energy waves movement through the air doesn’t decrease the intensity of those waves. But, it is necessary to learn the method of sending and receiving frequencies so that your work would be precise.

As said before, everything that exists in nature emits some kind of frequency. People detect just a small spectrum of those frequencies, but with the exercises of this level that spectrum will become significantly wider. Here you will learn to detect shapes, colors, objects, space, location of a certain person, as well as his or her characteristics and the state of their organism. When it comes to distance treatments, it is very important to develop intuition, which helps in recognizing the intensity of frequencies being received on our subconscious level. Two people can perfectly communicate even with large distance between them. Living matter sends and receives signals constantly, and our conscious acknowledging of this process doesn’t influence this in any way. The only thing we need is to make sure that we learn how to position ourselves as both the receiver and transmitter - only then will our results be inevitable.

The most important thing for you is to make the right conditions for your particular goal, which is made of tons of small details. How to set yourself in that right position, a professional one, trained one – you are the key for that – technique, knowledge and your own change. The more dynamic and professional you are, the more you are able to change yourself, to understand yourself and to learn to consciously use what is already been given.

On this level you will learn:

  1. The technique of finding a person in space
  2. Working with people at a distance
  3. Intuition development
  4. Recognition of a human health condition, as well as emotional and psychological conditions
  5. Time of recovery acceleration.
  6. Increasing the efficiency of treatments.


After you reach a certain skill level and acquire specific knowledge and practice, you will be awarded the official NEM Institute certificate. It shows how far you have come and what you’ve achieved. It shows your dedication, your skill, your ability and your understanding of energy. You should display it proudly!

Certificate of the Institute means something more as well. Aside from being about you, the certificate also shows that you have the entire Institute behind you. Whether you need additional guidance, need to ask specific questions or advice, or you just need a friendly chat, the Institute and everyone in it will be available to you – for a lifetime. The certificate is awarded after finishing all four levels of the course, during which your progress is carefully monitored.

If you happen to be near the Institute you can drop by any time and you will be welcomed with open arms. Anything the Institute is working on, any interests you have, may be revealed or explained to you. Perhaps there is something you are working on and you would like your fellow bio-energy healers and mentors to give you advice? No problem. You are a part of the collective now. Welcome aboard!